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WOMAN Owned Business Certification


  • 51% or more of the company's ownership interest must be of the female gender

  • Company must be registered in the
    state of Texas.


Minority Owned Business Certification

"Socially Disadvantaged Individuals" are those persons who have been subjected to:

  • Cultural Bias

  • Racial / Ethnic Prejudice


Small Business Owner Certification

Merit-based certification for business owners who compete in the marketplace based upon their company's performance and not Affirmative Action.

Certification is determined by (1) number of employees and (2) sales revenue limits.


Hispanic Owned Business Certification

What Is a Hispanic Person?

  • Latin America
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Iberian Peninsula
  • North America
  • South East Asia
  • ... Plus Other Locations


Veteran Owned Business Certification

Who's Eligible?

  • Texas Military Forces
  • Texas National Guard
  • Texas State Guard
  • U.S. Reserve Forces (all branches)
  • U.S. Active Duty (all branches)
  • U.S. National Guard
  • Coast Guard & Reserves


Family Owned Business Certification

Many groups qualify as being "family" and through Family Owned Business Certification you can now legitimize your business ownership structure.

  • Family Owned Businesses contribute 57%
    to the U.S. Economy

  • Family Owned Businesses employ 63%
    of the U.S. Workforce


Christian Owned Business Certification

Who's Eligible?

  • Christian by Faith
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Resident Aliens & Non-U.S. Citizens
  • Company must be registered in the state of Texas


LGBT Owned Business Certification


  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender business owners

  • Company must be registered in the state of Texas

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